Special offer for healthcare workers and their families

We would like to extend a heartfelt “Thank you” to healthcare workers with this special offer of up to 10% off your next MSC cruise fare.

Who is eligible for this offer:

  • All Doctors/Nurses/Front line and back office workers employed in the Hospital facilities impacted by the Covid Emergency

  • Other related jobs to Hospital services (e.g. Cleaning service staff) directly hired by the Hospitals

  • Family Doctors

  • Firefighters

  • Pharmacists operating during the pandemic

  • Private Doctors and medical figures not employed in hospital facilities (only if their specialization is directly related to COVID-19 diseases; eg. virologists, pneumologists)

  • Healthcare Volunteers (Ambulance, Social services) who offered their support during the Covid-19 emergency

  • Retired doctors who were called back to service to give support during the pandemic

  • Research Laboratories employees only if they specifically perform COVID-19 tests

Proof of eligibility

You will need to provide proof of service at the time of booking, as well as at embarkation.

Valid proof of service includes: copy of the ID card of the company/hospital where the passenger is employed, certificate or other official identification. 

Who is not eligible:

  • Private Doctors/medical staff not employed with hospital facilities and whose specialization are not directly related to Covid-19 (e.g. dentists, orthopedics, dermatologists etc)

  • Any other jobs related to Hospital activities but hired by private companies (such as private cleaning services company, securities or external suppliers)

  • Retired medical staff

  • Researchers working in laboratories which perform general medical examinations

Terms & Conditions

  • Discount: 5% off Interior & Ocean View Cabins; 10% off Balcony, Suites & Yacht Club Cabins.

  • The offer is valid for all Destinations (MSC World Cruises excluded) and is subject to availability at the time of reservation

  • The Health worker must be part of the reservation, otherwise the discount may not be applied

  • The offer is applicable only to the first two guests in the cabin.

  • The offer is valid only for bookings by individual travellers.

  • The offer is not retroactive and valid only for new bookings.

  • Discount is per cabin and applicable to the cruise portion only.

  • Discount cannot be combined with any other discount.

  • If two or more cabins are booked, the discount will be applied only to the cabin the Health worker occupies.

  • A Health worker may book more than one cruise, but they must personally be travelling

  • In case of single cabins, standard single supplement will apply

  • Standard terms and conditions will apply

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