At The Travel Broker, we highly recommend cruise holidays – family friendly, affordable holidays deals await at sea.

If you’re among those who are considering a first cruise but who hasn’t yet taken the leap – the following benefits outlined below might help convince you that a cruise can be the perfect holiday for just about anyone.

 Cruise Holidays are Family Friendly

From toddlers to teenagers, grandparents to grandchildren,  family cruises are fun for all ages. A cruise holiday can make for the perfect multi-generational holiday.  If you’re struggling to find a holiday that your small children and older children will all love – and that has adult activities, too – cruise ships  have extensive children’s facilities. Your teenager can have their own cool hangouts, far away from the play areas for the little ones.

How can you not love a trip that features video games and swimming pools, while offering time for families to be together at dinner or onshore excursions? The Travel Broker have vast experience planning multi generational holidays that will make all your loved one’s happy.

Good Value for Money

Cruises offer great value for your holiday because the fares include nearly everything you’ll need for a fantastic trip: food, accommodations, daytime and evening entertainment and transportation between travel destinations.

On some lines, kids even sail free or at discounted rates when sharing a cabin with two adults. Looking for luxury? Upscale lines are even more inclusive, with alcoholic beverages and soft drinks, gratuities, shore tours, onboard spending credits, and even flights often bundled into the base price. The Travel Broker ensures it will help you get the best cruise ship holiday deal to suit your budget.

See Multiple Locations

On a cruise, you unpack once and your floating hotel takes you from city to city or from island to island and there’s no need to mess with train or ferry schedules, or drag your suitcase along cobblestone streets.

Every morning, you’ll wake up in a new place. Can’t decide between St. Lucia and Barbados, or Italy or Spain? Why choose? With a cruise holiday, you can pick an itinerary that visits all the cities on your wish list. Contact the Trave Broker to help you plan your perfect destination itinerary.

Cruise Ships Come in All Shapes and Sizes

The ideal cruise ship for one person may be a mega-ship outfitted with onboard rock-climbing walls and outdoor movie theaters, while another will prefer an intimate ship with an upscale ambience and someone else will want the seafaring experience of a masted tall sailing ship. Luckily, all those different types of cruise ships exist. The Travel Broker can recommend a cruse ship that will suit your preference.

Here are some of the brands our team have extensive knowledge and the latest promotions;

Royal Caribbean International

MSC Cruises

Celebrity Cruises

Uniworld Cruises



Princess Cruises

Carnival Cruises


Azamara Cruises

Riveria Cruises


and so many more

Cruise Ships Are Floating Cities

If you’re concerned about being stranded in the middle of the ocean, relax. Cruise ships are like floating cities with everything you could possibly want onboard. Today’s vessels are outfitted with Wi-Fi, mobile phone service and satellite TV so you can stay in touch with the real world during your cruise (that is if you even want to). Onboard shops sell the toiletries you forgot to pack, medical centers can provide medicine or a doctor’s service if needed. And laundry facilities let you wash your clothes mid-cruise so you don’t need to over-pack. Of course, there’s also the fun stuff like gyms, multiple restaurants, movie screens, spas, swimming pools, theaters and discos.

Cruise Ships Offer Onboard Activities

Cruise ships are designed to keep everyone happy. Want to pamper yourself at the spa while your spouse hits the casino? Or lounge in the sun reading a book while your family plays basketball. You can go to an educational lecture, a wine tasting, a computer class or a dance workshop; paint pottery, play bridge, learn a language or do yoga; dine at a casual buffet, a fancy sit-down restaurant, a sushi bar, a diner or a steakhouse; watch a movie, a comedy routine, a song-and-dance show or live music performance. And if all you want to do is nothing while the ship sails from port to port you can do that, too. The Travel Broker can recommend a cruise ship that will match your preference for activities.

Cruise Holidays are Easy to Plan

Because cruise holiday package together transportation and accommodations, they’re very easy to plan. Pick your ship, itinerary and cabin, and away you go – no searching for hotels in your price range, no coordinating travel between cities. You can even get the Travel Broker to arrange your airfare for you – or choose a departure port within driving distance to eliminate that extra planning step.

 Cruise Holidays are Social

If you love to meet people from around the country – and the world – cruising provides a wonderful opportunity to make new friends. Onboard, you’ll meet people at your dinner table, at the piano bar or by the pool. The person seated next to you might be from Paris, Texas, or Cork, France; London, Ontario, or Dublin. Kids can find playmates their own age during youth activities, so they’re not always with adults or their older or younger siblings. Looking for Mr. or Ms. Right? It is a fact that many long-term relationships begin during a cruise holiday at sea.

Do you have questions about planning your first cruise holiday? Which ship to choose, what to pack, or what to expect onboard? Pick up the phone and speak to one of the Travel Broker’s highly experienced staff members who will help you plan and book every aspect of your cruise holiday.

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