Time together is one of the most precious things that we own, and we should always look to spend it wisely. After our recent experiences of being kept apart during Covid19 restrictions, many of us now realise the benefits of booking multi-generational holidays in order for us to spend quality time together.

Multi-generational holidays means parents, children, grandparents, aunties, uncles and even cousins can come together to embark on a holiday and enjoy a well-deserved break together.

At the Travel Broker, we know that having the whole family together can sound daunting, but when planned properly you can, in fact, have a wonderful time. Let the Travel Broker take care of planning every detail and let us look after creating an incredible holiday that will leave you with  life – long memories with your loved ones.

Time Together 

One of the biggest benefits of holidaying with the whole family is that you get to spend time together. This is especially important because as we get older.

Going on a multi-generational holiday will give everyone a chance to connect with each other in an exciting way. Everyone can have the chance to laugh, have fun and explore together making memories which will last a lifetime.

New Experiences 

Each family member will have different hobbies and activities that they want to try, and this will mean that you can try new experiences as well. When planning your holiday, we at the Travel Broker can incorporate different ideas and activities which will keep the whole family happy.

The older generation of your group have lived in a different era and will have different memories as well as interests. So, when on holiday with younger members of the family, they will have the chance to pass on some of their knowledge and interests which can spark a lot of enthusiasm or interest into a particular subject.

Extra Hands

Having a few extra hands is perfect if there are younger children travelling with you. Having your family around you means that you may have the opportunity to have a little break yourselves, but also having some helping hands. Families with a number of children can struggle when visiting an attraction, as many children don’t like the same things or want to do different things, so having extra adults can be extremely helpful. The additional help from other families is perfect for mams and dads and helps ease the stress, as well as giving your children time to bond with other members of their family.

A multi-generational family holiday can be a great opportunity to give you all some quality time together. However these type of holidays do need careful planning. Considering the needs of a wide range of ages can be a challenge.

The Travel Broker is highly experienced in organising  multi-generational family holidays – whether it’s just a family get-together to catch up with each other, or a celebration, we can help you with all the added extras.

So if you are considering a memorable holiday with all the family – contact the Travel Broker today.

We know it is the smallest touches that make the biggest difference and at the Travel Broker, we stop at nothing to make each holiday experience not only exceptional but totally unique.

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