Spain, with its rich history, beautiful vistas and delectable food, is a traveler’s dream destination. Start your adventure in Madrid, capital of the country, with a private tour of the Prado museum or the Royal Palace. Take a walking tour, sip on wine and nibble tapas, then enjoy the scenic landscapes just outside the city.

In dazzling Sevilla, southwest of Madrid, visitors can see the amazing Plaza of Spain by day and then head to an entertaining and energetic flamenco show at night. Climb the Giralda for magnificent views of the entire city, or take a boat tour down Sevilla’s famous river.
On the tropical island of Mallorca, enjoy the stunning views and picturesque countryside by train, on horseback or on foot. Take a boat ride then swim and snorkel to your heart’s content on this delightful island.

Last, but certainly not least, make time to see the truly unique city of Barcelona on the northeastern coast of Spain. While there, get a real feel for the city by taking a biking tour to see attractions such as the legendary Sagrada Familia, still under construction after over 100 years, and the gothic quarter, which simply cannot be missed.

Enjoy all the adventures Spain has to offer, from whalewatching in Tenerife to diving in Ibiza. Visitors to Espana find treasures galore.