Why using a travel agent is better than booking online

In the age of the internet, when you can book online with most suppliers, using a travel agent to book your holidays might seem unnecessary.

But even now — especially now — travel agents are far more useful than you might think. Agents have knowledge, insider connections and provide services that you can’t find online, and working with a real live person can sometimes mean the difference between holiday disaster and holiday bliss.

Read on for our top 5 reasons to use a travel agent to book your next holiday.

Get insights, not just information

Travel agents give you advice that’s curated to you and your holiday desires. We have decades of travel experience and industry expertise to leverage to give you the insights you need to make your holiday perfect.

Save valuable time

Planning a holiday takes loads of time. We search through your options and find the best deals, sort out logistics and organize the details for you.

Unlock exclusive value

As travel professionals, we’ve nourished relationships with travel providers for decades, which gives us access to exclusive savings and extra added value.

White glove service

Having a travel agent is like having a personal concierge for your holiday. We craft your itinerary just for you, with your preferences, desires and interests specifically in mind.

Peace of mind

Lean into holiday mode knowing we’ve got your back. If plans change or an emergency arises, we’re on call to help from the moment you book with us until after your return. Travel confidently, knowing you’re financially protected and have a team at your side.

We’ll tailor your next holiday just for you.

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