The Travel Broker team are wellness travel experts and our expertise in wellness holidays and retreats allow us to match you with the best wellness breaks for your individual needs.

As one of Dublin’s most established wellbeing specialists we are able to provide excellent added value with our exclusive knowledge.  With our years of experience, we have come to understand what our clients need from a wellbeing holiday. We treat each client as an individual and provide a personalised concierge service organising all aspects of your stay from spa and treatment programmes, transfers and flights with an efficient and friendly approach. Our continuous awards for customer service speak for themselves.

The trend for taking wellbeing holidays continues to rise as more people recognise that being healthy allows them to lead a vibrant life. The frenetic pace of the modern world has lead to increased burn-out and stress so heading away on a retreat holiday makes perfect sense.  A wellness break can address a range of issues such as sleep issues, managing stress and dealing with hormonal imbalances.  You will receive expert advice on diet and exercise and, more importantly, recommendations on how to continue being healthy once home.

Whether you are facing emotional or physical challenges, a wellness holiday can allow you the time to be looked after and guided by experts away from your normal environment.  This will let you focus entirely on healing in a supported space away from the regular demands of your life.

Stress Management Holidays

Taking a stress management holiday can really help when you are feeling overloaded. Our busy lives, hectic jobs and juggling many different commitments can push us to the limit resulting in low energy levels, weight gain due to high cortisol levels and anxiety.  To add to the cocktail of our “busyness” our mobile devices can lead to a lack of valuable down time that manifests into more stress. Consider a wellness holiday and learn how to manage your stress levels, restore balance in your nervous system and allow you to learn how to maintain the balance on an ongoing basis.

Emotional Healing Holidays

It has been proven that there is definitely a connection between the state of our health and our emotions. Traumatic events such as relationship break ups and deep disappointments can not only leave us feeling drained but also be the root causes of illnesses later in life.  Going on an emotional healing retreat can help you work through emotional trauma with specialist coaching, therapies and soothing activities.  We believe the best retreats are those that provide you with tools to take back home with you so you can continue with your healing journey.
At the Travel Broker, we listen to your needs and offer a highly consultative service, in order to offer you the best wellbeing experience possible. We passionately believe in honesty, accuracy and commitment to quality. Call our team today for further information on your wellness holiday.